Naag: Agyness Deyn & Fiona Byrne Launch Lifestyle Site

06/15/2010 04:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Model Agyness Deyn and journalist Fiona Byrne have launched a lifestyle website called Naag. Named for its founders ("Na" from Fiona, "Ag" from Agyness), the site gives readers the inside scoop on fashion, beauty, music and movies, and the hottest new hangouts.

The sites' articles are personality-driven, making it seem as if you are with Aggy and Fiona, talking face-to-face. Perhaps most endearing is the girls' love of food! A blurb on Minetta Tavern's famed Black Label Burger reads, "You see some burgers and they're just like, massive and ridiculous. Anyway, this one didn't leave us with the "food-baby" feeling and it was officially the juiciest burger we've ever had in New York." In another article, Fiona implores readers to head over to Doughnut Plant for "the most delicious doughnuts we at Naag have ever tasted." She describes her favorites in a mouthwatering fashion ("...the Creme Brulee, a small, doughy puff filled with custard and a caramelized golden crunchy topping"), making it hard not to crave one...or two or three!

Of course they also tackle trends. An article on socks and shoes (sandals, flats, wedges, etc.) gives readers advice on how to make a major fashion statement: "If you're into blowing people's minds, wear brightly patterned Peruvian mukluks [...] Siiick."

A review of designer Kelly Bergin's latest line is filled with witty statements, including one analyzing how Bergin creates such fantastic clothing ("She basically takes the wardrobe classics of your mom, like blouses and slacks, and puts them through some kind of machine that makes them cool and modern, instead of buttoned-up and boring."). The piece is convincing enough to make us want to go out and buy every item in her spring collection, especially the "trench coat, cardigan, and bed jacket" hybrid because, let's face it, everyone can use some extra "Oh look, she made an effort" points, as Naag says.

An article on "Alice in Wonderland"-inspired movies makes us want to plan an Alice movie marathon. Naag cites "Dreamchild", "Alice", and "The Matrix" as all being inspired by Lewis Carroll's story, but we'll always be faithful to Disney's 1951 version (although the 1903 silent film is pretty impressive).

Naag is a must-read for anyone looking for the latest lifestyle news. Check it out here.