The Link Between Spirituality And Eating Disorders (VIDEO)

06/16/2010 11:49 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • The Early Show

In a culture that deifies thinness, it's easy to become stuck in self-reinforcing cycles spurred on by yo-yo dieting, rapid weight loss and emotional eating. But what if the problem isn't so much what we're eating, but why?

Geneen Roth, HuffPost blogger and author of Women, Food and God appeared on the Early Show to discuss the deeper link between spirituality and food.

"When you lose the weight, you don't lose the beliefs that drive you to food," said Roth. "You have to understand the root of why you're eating."

Roth offers three tips to regain control and cultivate a healthier relation toward food:

  • "Stop dieting and depriving yourself...when you shame and deprive and torture yourself, you end up a shamed and deprived and tortured human being, who may be thin for 10 minutes."

  • "Listen to your body, not your mind. Listen to what the body wants, what feels good to the body."

  • "Use your relationship with food as a doorway. Understand that what you put on your plate... is a reflection of your beliefs. Understand what drives you to food."