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First Posted: 06/17/10 04:32 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:50 PM ET

Open Season / ō-pən sē-zən / n. (pl. -s)
1 a specified period of time in the year when it is legal to hunt or kill game or fish protected at other times by law
2 a time when criticism or mistreatment is common
3 HuffPost Food's ingredient-specific, hand-curated recipe- and idea-guide to help you work your way through baskets, bushels, or barrels of any seasonal ingredient you've deliberately or unwittingly walked away from the Farmers Market with, or otherwise found yourself in possession of.

Spring Succotash
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Elise from Simply Recipes writes:

We decided to make a hearty version of succotash with some diced ham, and add a Mediterranean touch by using olive oil and a little lemon. Mint adds a bright flavor to the dish. We used fresh corn in this recipe, but you could use frozen corn. Fava beans are available at many farmer’s markets or at high-end supermarkets. They require some work to process, but it’s worth it. If fava beans are not available, you can use peas to stay with the spring theme, or use lima beans for a more traditional approach.

Get the recipe here.

(Photo from Simply Recipes)

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