06/17/2010 08:01 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Diane Kruger In Allure: Actress Talks About Lagerfeld, Too-Tight Dress That Almost Suffocated Her (PHOTO)

Diane Kruger talked to Allure for its July issue and the actress had some interesting things to say about the fashion world. She spoke a bit about her close friend Karl Lagerfeld, who presented her with an honor at The Golden Camera Awards earlier this year:

"Karl never goes out to give awards, but he came out for me. He gets very flustered speaking on TV, and he just goes on and on. And in the course of presenting me with this, he said, on live television, that we were neighbors--and then gave our addresses. I'm backstage, like, Oh, my God! Thanks, Karl! For making it easy for the crazy people!"

She also revealed what she's worn in the name of fashion:

"Two years ago, I wore an haute couture gown to the Venice Film Festival, and it had a full-on corset. It was gorgeous, but it was a runway piece and it hadn't been made for life, the bodice didn't have one of those openings at the bottom. I nearly fainted because it was so tight, and I had to go to the bathroom so badly, but it would have taken an hour to get out of that dress. But! It was soooo gorgeous!"

The dress in question: