06/21/2010 09:33 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bernie Madoff Still Hiding $9 Billion, Says Inmate

Does disgraced Ponzi king Bernie Madoff really have billions of dollars squirreled away?

That's what one fellow prisoner is claiming.

The New York Post reports that an unidentified jailbird is singing that Madoff secretly funneled $9 billion worth of stolen funds into the accounts of three people before the law finally caught up with him.

But Madoff's partner in crime may give up the goods to authorities.

Madoff says that his partner in crime Frank DiPascali knows who the recipients are -- and that he suspects DiPascali is using that information to cut a better deal with the feds, according to the inmate at the medium-security prison in Butner, NC.

"I think it was personal friends," the inmate said of the recipients of the mega-bucks.

And though Madoff is serving a life sentence, prosecutors have been less hard-nosed with DiPascali, arguing for his release while awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to 10 felonies last year.

While it may seem bizarre for Madoff to spill the beans to other prisoners, recent reports paint him as a prison hero who keeps company with several other high-profile inmates.

Madoff has also reportedly been unrepentant for crimes, allegedly telling another inmate, ""F--- my victims. I carried them for twenty years, and now I'm doing 150 years."

The latest article also reports that Ruth Madoff has moved out of New York and is aiming to dedicate her life to charity.