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Doggie Day Care: NYC's Jumeirah Essex House To Have Pet Program

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As the New York Post's Cindy Adams says, "Only in New York, kids. Only in New York."

The Jumeirah Essex House, just off Central Park, is now offering a doggie turndown service called "A Dog's Delight,"
according to

The hotel has partnered with Wagwear New York City, the, um, high-end pet boutique to create amenities for your canines; from a doggie bed (or lounge), homemade dog treats created by the hotel's Executive Pastry Chef, matching placemats and bowls for their meals, Wagwear leashes and collars, freshly-drawn water during the day (we don't even get that!) and a fleece blanket lining their beds, the package has it all.

The logical/sad/awesome program launches July 1.

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