06/22/2010 12:43 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Census Bureau Tracks Attacks On Its Workforce

It's hard out there for America's census workers, those patriotic citizens who are performing the only job left in America. The Census Bureau has been keeping tabs on the various threats made against its workers in the field, finding for example that census workers have been the victims of random animal attacks on 24 occasions.

Of course, that's just a crop in the bucket alongside the number of threats census workers have endured at the hands of trained animals. TPM's Justin Elliott breaks down the "409 threats or assaults on Census workers making home visits between May and last Friday":

Here's the breakdown of the 409 incidents so far:

* In 10 cases the Census worker was robbed, carjacked, or held against his or her will.

* In 13 cases shots were fired.

* There were 24 animal attacks or threats.

* There were 101 verbal assaults or threats.

* In 132 cases a weapon was pulled or use of a weapon was threatened.

* There were 88 physical assaults.

How does this sort of thing happen? Probably due to the fact that people appear in the mainstream media raving like psychopaths about on Census workers bent on "indoctrination" and increasing "slavery" on behalf of an "out of control" government and a private White House "army" that will one day bring back "internment camps".

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