Sail Around The World With Cunard Ships In 2012 (POLL)

06/22/2010 04:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Cunard's newest ship, the not-yet-debuted Queen Elizabeth, will sail a 107-day voyage from Southampton, England and will completely circumnavigate the globe, while the Queen Mary 2 will sail from Southampton to Australia and back on a circular routing.

The Queen Elizabeth's itinerary will take the ship westbound across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and to the Pacific Coast of the U.S. From there the ship heads to the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia and parts of Asia inclusing Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand before going to the Middle East and Europe. Fares for that trip start at a whopping $20,995 per person (or hop on for legs of 12 to 24 days for prices starting at $2,775 per person).

The Queen Mary 2 will stop on four continents: first it will head to Africa and dock in Namibia, then Australia (it will circumnavigate the continent) and head to Asia (stopping in Hiroshima, Japan) and then sail to the Middle East for stops in Dubai, and head home through the Suez Canal back to Southampton. Fares are also $20,995 per person (for 15 to 22 day segment,s the prices start at $2,995 per person).