06/21/2010 06:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Shawn Wickens, Window Washer, Writes Book On Losing Virginity

Window-washer by day; Carrie Bradshaw by night.

Shawn Wickens is the latest New Yorker chronicling people's sexcapades. He isn't just another sex-writer, though: he only writes about first times.

"There are joyful, erotic and unfortunate moments," Wickens told the New York Daily News. "There's a sense that the first time is awkward or uncomfortable. I tried to look for stories that ran the gamut, to shed light on everything out there."

And look he did! Wickens traveled to 36 different cities, where, over the span of 12,000 miles and 1095 days, he stumbled upon over 1,000 strangers willing to relay their tale of virginity-loss. His novel, How To Lose Your Virginity, contains his choice 200 stories, compiled into 18 themed-chapters with titles like "It Was A Train Wreck" and "I Did It My Way."

Given the uncomfortable nature of virginity banter, Wickens found bars to be particularly conducive in getting people to "break the ice" and open up about their stories.

Similarly, this book might drive you to hit the bar!