06/22/2010 08:28 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Shocking Barack: Brammo's Electric Motorcycle Journey To Washington DC (VIDEO)

Dave Schiff and Brian Wismann, two employees of electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo, decided to retrace the journey that automotive CEOs took in 2008 when they flew to Washington DC in corporate jets to ask President Obama for a bailout. Schiff and Wismann, however, traveled the route on Brammo's Enertia, the world's first highway-legal 100% electric motorcycle, at a total cost of about $4 dollars for each of them. And instead of asking Obama for a handout, they only wanted to present him with one of the electric motorcycles and show him that there is a domestically-produced sustainable solution to our nation's transportation needs.

Using their website,, the two found helpful hands reaching out from every city along their path, offering couches to sleep on, meals to eat, and electricity to recharge their bikes. As their support grew, so did the press coverage and pressure on the politicians to meet with Schiff and Wismann.

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WATCH bringing Barack an electric motorcycle: