06/22/2010 06:05 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

South Korean Angelenos Gather To Watch World Cup In Koreatown

The lawn on Wilshire Boulevard in Koreatown was a sea of red on Tuesday afternoon as thousands of Korean-American Angelenos gathered to watch the World Cup match between South Korea and Nigeria (a tie, 2-2). While it was certainly crowded, it was a friendly and family-centered atmosphere; big groups brought picnic blankets, snacks, and drinks to watch the match on two big screens provided by Radio Korea.

When South Korea scored, the Koreatown crowd stood and erupted in cheers that quickly transitioned into coordinated thunderstix moves. During lulls, Korean fans sang songs, cheered, and danced to music being blasted from the stage. When it was commercial time, fans got up to buy snacks at the three Asian-fusion food trucks parked around the corner. And when it was game time again, everyone walked back to their spots and sat, cross-legged, on the grass.

Korean-Angelenos Gather In Koreatown To Watch World Cup