06/22/2010 04:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Vienna Girardi: Why Jake Refused To Have Sex With Me

Vienna Girardi has already sold her story of her breakup with bachelor Jake. She covers the new Star magazine looking sad and inside tells all about their lackluster sex life.

"We haven't been intimate in months now," Vienna says. "More than four months. At first his excuse was that he was fasting. The second excuse was that he didn't feel like it. And the third excuse was that he said that he felt that I wouldn't understand that he wants to wait until marriage, even though I told him I'd support him. Then the last excuse was that we fight so much that I push him away. I was like, really -- which excuse is it? I literally have been living six months with this guy who won't be intimate with me!"

Excuse #3 seems to suggest that Vienna and Jake never consummated their relationship, but maybe Vienna was talking about other intimate acts they enjoyed months ago. Vote below on whether they ever had intercourse.