06/23/2010 12:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Concert Blog Publishing Guidelines

Guidelines for burgeoning music journalists

Some questions that your article should answer:

1) Who:

Who is the band? What are their names? Where are they from? What is their background? Were there any guest appearances on stage or in the audience? Did the band member say anything to each other during the show?

2) What:

What do they sound like (avoid encyclopedic naming of bands, use adjectives here). What album are they promoting? What genre are they? SETLIST is very important, please list it at the end of your article.

3) Where:

Where was this concert? Who was there? What was the scene like?

4) When:

What time was this concert? What day was it? What was the weather like?

5) Why:

Why would someone go to this show? Why wouldn't they go to this show?


Always, ALWAYS take photos or else we will not run the article.
Keep it short, length should be 500-800 words.
Put links in your article, upcoming tour dates, etc.