06/24/2010 09:59 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Salahi Book On The Way: White House Gate Crashers To Reveal All

Michaele and Tareq Salahi, who made headlines last November by crashing President Obama's first state dinner, have decided to write a book about their experience, the New York Post reports. The "gate crashers" are working with an investigative reporter for the book, turning the embarrassing event into a critique on White House security. "It just never added up to me that someone could sneak in -- past the [security] perimeter, no less! . . . As I began to investigate, I realized the Salahis' story is much bigger than what's been reported," reporter Diane Dimond said.

There's no publisher for the book yet -- it's currently being shopped with agent Sharlene Martin -- but with the enormous success of other celebrity or scandal-based books recently, they're unlikely to have trouble landing a deal. Add to this Michaele Salahi's starring role on the upcoming "Real Housewives of DC," and it appears that there may be other motivations for the book besides an investigation into White House security.

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