Sam Granato Calls Utah Senate Race Opponent Mike Lee 'Extreme' (VIDEO)

06/24/2010 12:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On the heels of Mike Lee's victory in Utah's Republican U.S. Senate primary race on Tuesday, Democratic candidate Sam Granato took aim at his GOP opponent.

"I would have to say I believe he is a little extreme. Or, perhaps, a lot extreme," Granato said in an interview with ABC 4.

Lee however, doesn't appear to be too concerned about his own views.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Republican Senate nominee Mike Lee said he doesn't believe he has to broaden his message to appeal to a broader group of Utahns as he heads into a general election matchup with Democrat Sam Granato.

"I don't. The message is right. It just resonates with people," he said. "It's the right message based on truth. It's based on a 223-year-old document that created the federal government ... and not one I tailor for one audience or another."

But incumbent GOP Sen. Bob Bennett, who Lee is vying to replace, expressed doubt over the Senate hopeful's self-proclaimed Constitutional cred.

"I know there are those among Mike's supporters who believe he will take the Senate floor, deliver a masterful speech on the Constitution and change the course of the republic. That is not going to happen," Bennett said.

Granato fired a similar shot at his Republican rival when interviewed by ABC. "We all have a copy of the Constitution," he jabbed. "I bought one from the Boy Scouts."

WATCH: Granato Calls Opponent Mike Lee 'Extreme,' Says 'We All Have A Copy Of The Constitution'

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