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Sam Granato Calls Utah Senate Race Opponent Mike Lee 'Extreme' (VIDEO)

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On the heels of Mike Lee's victory in Utah's Republican U.S. Senate primary race on Tuesday, Democratic candidate Sam Granato took aim at his GOP opponent.

"I would have to say I believe he is a little extreme. Or, perhaps, a lot extreme," Granato said in an interview with ABC 4.

Lee however, doesn't appear to be too concerned about his own views.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Republican Senate nominee Mike Lee said he doesn't believe he has to broaden his message to appeal to a broader group of Utahns as he heads into a general election matchup with Democrat Sam Granato.

"I don't. The message is right. It just resonates with people," he said. "It's the right message based on truth. It's based on a 223-year-old document that created the federal government ... and not one I tailor for one audience or another."

But incumbent GOP Sen. Bob Bennett, who Lee is vying to replace, expressed doubt over the Senate hopeful's self-proclaimed Constitutional cred.

"I know there are those among Mike's supporters who believe he will take the Senate floor, deliver a masterful speech on the Constitution and change the course of the republic. That is not going to happen," Bennett said.

Granato fired a similar shot at his Republican rival when interviewed by ABC. "We all have a copy of the Constitution," he jabbed. "I bought one from the Boy Scouts."

WATCH: Granato Calls Opponent Mike Lee 'Extreme,' Says 'We All Have A Copy Of The Constitution'

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