Gore Sex Scandal Gets Animated...Crazily (VIDEO)

06/28/2010 11:49 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The chatter about Al Gore's sex scandal with a massage therapist has died down, with charges not being filed due to a lack of evidence. Um, excuse me? Lack of evidence? Perhaps whoever is calling the shots has not been getting their information from crazy Asian animated news sources. And that's a mistake.

As we all know, the Taiwanese organization, NMA, is the source for all things newsworthy...and insane. After breaking ground with the Tiger Woods incident and the Leno/Conan madness, the station is back animating more American scandals, really going to town on Gore.

There's some rock-solid evidence here against the former vice-president, who we all know shoots smoke from his eyes when he's ready to sexual harass women. It's par for the course. That, and the jock-itch that provokes him into becoming a raging mad man. Case closed. (via Videogum)