06/28/2010 06:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Seinfeld' Superfan Vandalizes Subway Posters (PHOTOS)

A series of "Seinfeld" posters have been "vandalized." And by vandalized, I mean "greatly upgraded."

Blanketing the inside of many New York subways have been posters advertising reruns of the classic sitcom. The ads consist of the four principle characters accompanied by an identifiable quote. George's says "There was shrinkage," Kramer's says "Giddyup," and so on and so forth.*

The quotes are cliche "Seinfeld" lines, which while funny, do not do the show justice. With so many amazing episodes, there's a plethora of lines to choose from - not just the catchphrases that were forced on us. Thankfully, a rogue Seinfeld superfan has has stepped up and improved many of the posters, putting more obscure (funnier) references in place. We were lucky enough to snap some pictures (and weird out some fellow passengers) of these gems.


Originally Read: "Are you still master of your domain?"
Now Reads: "You broke up with a guy over punctuation?" The actual line is ""I've never heard of a relationship being affected by punctuation," but the reference is good enough for us, referring to the exclamation-based ending to Elaine's relationship with Jake Jarmel.


Originally Read: "Can you spare a square?"
Now Reads:"Fake...Fake...Fake...Fake.." The image of Elaine rubbing her fake orgasms in Jerry's face is priceless.


Originally Read: "Giddyup"
Now Reads: "Is it a Titleist?" Referring to Kramer's whale of a golf shot.


Originally Read:"There was shrinkage."
Now Reads:"They're not women's glasses." In the actual episode they're technically referred to as "Ladies'" glasses, but this will do. Anything to do with George's vision is great in our book. You should see him spot a dime. And eat an onion.

*Yes, I recognize that would've been the perfect time to say "Yada Yada Yada." But that would've put the kibosh on the whole piece.