06/29/2010 12:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lady Gaga, Obama Battle For Most Facebook Fans

He may be president, but he isn't number one on Facebook.

Lady Gaga's Facebook fanbase has just recently overtaken Barack Obama's.

Last Friday, June 25, President Obama's fans still outnumbered Gaga's. But in the days since then, Lady Gaga has overtaken Obama: she boasts over 9,500,000 fans on Facebook, while President Obama now trails her with nearly 9,300,000 (at the time of writing). writes that both are poised to break the 10-million-fan record, which no living person has done yet. (The late Michael Jackson is the current record holder, with well over 13 million fans.) However, at the rate both pages are growing, Lady Gaga and Barack Obama could each have 10 million fans within days.

The two pages are quite disparate. Obama's, maintained by the Democratic National Committee's Organize For America project, displays political updates such as, "Meeting with a group of senators from both parties today to discuss passing comprehensive energy and climate legislation this year. Send Washington a message that you support building a clean-energy economy."

One of Lady Gaga's most recent posts reveals her touring plans: "After marathons of Cops, parties w rocknrollers, cookin for dad+ drinkin beers, I announce: THE MONSTER BALL NORTH AMERICAN TOUR SUMMER 2010."

The most popular Facebook page is for Texas Hold'em Poker, which has almost 20 million fans and is sponsored by Zynga, the online gaming company that also responsible for MafiaWars, which has the second most popular Facebook page (12,700,000 fans).

As this post was being written, actor Vin Diesel's Facebook fans also surpassed Barack Obama's. Vin Diesel now has over 9,300,000 fans.

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