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CNBC's Rick Santelli: "STOP SPENDING!" (VIDEO)

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CNBC anchor Rick Santelli -- notorious for his on-air rants -- went on another tirade earlier this week and had one message for the government: stop spending!

In a recent CNBC Squawk Box panel, Santelli spoke-- squawked, rather-- vociferously against his colleague Steve Liesman, who supports Obama's decision not to cut taxes.

"Go read some Austrian economists instead of the funny pages!" Santelli told Liesman. "Go back to Russia where you understand the state and citizen!"

Santelli then walks away from the camera for a few moments, but rushes back as soon as Liesman says, "Tax cuts don't pay for themselves.

"During the Depression, Mr. Liesman, it wasn't the tightening that caused it, it was the fact that they had it easy for too many years. You have to turn around and look at things from the other side," Santelli responds. "Spending...You've been married too long," Santelli said.

Watch Santelli's latest rant here:

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