Cristiano Ronaldo Spits At Cameraman After World Cup Defeat? (VIDEO)

06/30/2010 08:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Portugal was knocked out of the World Cup on Tuesday, and among the players eliminated is the sport's most expensive, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese captain, who spends an awful lot of time nearly naked (and angry about it), did not play particularly well during the tournament. He scored one goal to run up the score late against North Korea, but was otherwise not particularly effective.

Ronaldo was clearly unhappy with his team's exit (and possibly his own performance) after Tuesday's loss. As he walked off the field, the former FIFA World Player of the Year appeared to spit at a cameraman. (At least he did not try to hit the camera.)

Many are already casting doubt on Ronaldo, with some wondering whether making the superstar team captain was the right decision. According to the LA Times, Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz reportedly "snapped" at one such question, adding, "He is our leader. He is our captain. This is a decision that belongs to the federation and national coach. Because we did that, you have to believe we did it for the right reason and that he could do it."

Scroll down for video of Ronaldo spitting.

WATCH: (via Dirty Tackle)