06/30/2010 03:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 2 Trailer: The Gang Descends On Miami (VIDEO)

America's favorite band of guidos and guidettes are set to return for a second season of MTV's controversial reality show "Jersey Shore" on July 29th, except this time they're descending upon Miami.

No matter. Judging by the trailer, the booze-fueled good times will be as trashy and ridiculous as ever, and we cannot wait! Particularly intriguing is the return of roommate Angelina, the amazingly self-described "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island," who chose to leave the show after one epsiode rather than deal with the trials of working in a t-shirt shop a couple times a week.

Disregarding the indelible image of Angelina gathering her belongings into the giant trash bags that served as her suitcases, we were sad to see her go as she was particularly effective at enraging the other roommates. (Snooki on Angelina: "You're the kryptonite to my fucking tan."

To whet your appetites for the new season (as if that was even necessary!), the trailer reveals that Vinny sleeps with both Snooki and Angelina, who then physically fight over him; Ronnie and Sammie become officially boyfriend and girlfriend, which does not turn out well; Sammie and Jwoww get into a physical fight, possibly over Ronnie; the Situation and Paulie D keep waking up with girls they startlingly refer to as "grenades"; and Vinnie continues to hang back and let the party come to him.

"Pretty much every night it's a party. You better buckle yourself in." We're ready, Snooks.