06/30/2010 12:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mark Kirk Ads Move Past Military Record; Alexi Giannoulias Stays On It (VIDEO)

Mark Kirk's US Senate campaign made two ad buys Wednesday, hoping to move past the military record-embellishment scandal that has tarnished the candidate's reputation.

Kirk's two new 30-second spots come on the heels of his very political apology Tuesday, in which he said he "wasn't thinking" when he made numerous and repeated exaggerations about his record of service in the Navy, including claiming awards he never won and describing combat situations he never saw.

Hoping to leave that scandal behind, Kirk has bought two ads with two very different messages. The first, "Risky," is less of a step forward and more of a return to the pre-scandal themes of the Kirk campaign. It claims his opponent, Alexi Giannoulias, "made tens of millions of risky loans to convicted mobsters" at his family's Broadway Bank.

"Then," the narrator says, "the bank collapsed."

The spot also attacks Giannoulias for his inexperience. "Alexi Giannoulias is only 34 years old," the narrator begins. She continues, with a sardonic chuckle, "But what a 34 years it's been."

Watch the new Kirk ad, "Risky":

The second advertisement takes an unusual tack for a Republican candidate, attacking his opponent on his environmental record. It argues that while Kirk fought to keep BP from polluting Lake Michigan, Alexi's top aide used to be a BP lobbyist. And that Alexi wants to raise taxes.

Watch "Stand":

But Alexi Giannoulias, state treasurer and Kirk's Democratic opponent, isn't quite ready to walk away from the scandal. He's put together a one-minute ad that continues to blast Kirk, quoting a steady stream of voices accusing the Republican of intentionally deceiving and misleading the public on his resume.