Jamie Oliver Responds To British Health Minister's Criticism Of His Anti-Obesity Efforts [UPDATED]

06/30/2010 03:07 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Jamie Oliver has responded to British health minister Adnrew Lansley's, calling them "an insult" to those working to feed schoolchildren nutritiously. The Telegraph reports Oliver's comments:

I'm not encouraged by the news that the new health minister has summed up eight years of hard work in a few lines for the sake of a headline.

''To say School Dinners hasn't worked is not just inaccurate but is also an insult to the hard work of hundreds of thousands of dinner ladies, teachers, headteachers and parent helpers who strive to feed schoolkids a nutritious, hot meal for 190 days of the year.

''Any problems that we've been having in school meals is more often than not down to continuing lack of funds for training of school catering staff."

Oliver also responded to Lansley's remark that Oliver "constantly lecturing people" is counterproductive:

''As far as the minister's comment on lecturing is concerned, I've never really lectured in any of my campaigns. 'I'll post him a copy of the School Dinners series as he's clearly never seen it.

''Moreover, I hope that we can meet soon so I can hear more about his practical ideas for ensuring this generation of children doesn't die earlier than their parents.'

So there you have it. Read Oliver's full response here.


Associated Press: LONDON — Britain's new health minister has rejected celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's approach to improving school food and tackling childhood obesity.

Andrew Lansley has told the British Medical Association that the chef's campaign to improve nutrition among students did not result in more children eating school meals.

Oliver has campaigned since 2004 to ban junk food in Britain's schools and reform children's unhealthy diet. He has recently taken his campaign to West Virginia.

Lansley says Wednesday "constantly lecturing people" and telling them what to eat is counterproductive.

But Oliver says Lansley's comments are not accurate. The chef also says the comments were an "insult" to the school lunch ladies and others who worked hard to feed better meals to children.