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LAUSD: Green Schools Growing In California's Biggest District (VIDEO)

Huffington Post   First Posted: 07/01/10 03:43 PM ET Updated: 05/25/11 05:55 PM ET

Los Angeles Unified School District is the second largest school district in the nation, and now they are working toward becoming the greenest.

A year long effort to bring gardens to their mostly concrete and asphalt schools has taken the education of LAUSD students to a new level. By providing hands on experience with gardening, the students -- 77% of whom live in poverty -- are being led by example toward a more sustainable and economically practical future.

In addition to the gardens, LAUSD is installing solar panels at 90 of their campuses which will save the district $5 million in energy costs every year.

In this video from CNN, check out the school district's efforts to go green, and see what the students think of the environmentally-friendly makeover.

WATCH California's biggest school district going green: