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George Washington University Ends Dorm Housekeeping Services

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George Washington University has decided it will discontinue its maid services in freshmen dorms, irking many incoming students who say that the services contributed to their decision to attend GWU.

The GW Hatchet has more:

After learning housekeeping will no longer be offered in freshman residence halls, incoming freshman Shivali Haribhakt posted an online petition to the incoming class of 2014's Facebook group to fight to keep housekeeping services. Since its creation in May, the petition has garnered 81 signatures.

Haribhakt says she feels misled.

"We are paying a lot of money for these dorms, and I think that we should get everything we paid for," Haribhakt said.

GWU Media Relations Director Michelle Sherrard told Inside Higher Ed that student housekeeping habits often kept cleaning staff from performing their duties:

"The impetus of this is that the housekeeping staff was often not able to do their duties," [Sherrard said]. "This decision to no longer provide housekeeping services in first-year rooms was not primarily based on the economy, although it is always the University's goal to help families meet the cost of a GW education," she added in an e-mail.

What do you think? Should dorms be professionally cleaned? Would the service affect your college decision? Weigh in below.