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House Supplemental Vote Signals Unrest Over War In Afghanistan

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As House Democratic leadership pushed through an $80 billion package on Thursday night to finance President Barack Obama's troop surge, one vote stood out: A full 60 percent of House Democrats voted for the McGovern-Obey-Jones Amendment, which would require the president to provide a plan and timetable for drawing down our forces in Afghanistan, an indication of crumbling support for the war.

When Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) put forward an amendment requiring an exit strategy from Afghanistan in June of 2009, it failed, 138-278. The tougher amendment McGovern put forward on Thursday garnered more support, including nine votes from Republicans, failing only 162-260.

Another effort to bring the troops home, an amendment introduced by Bay Area Rep. Barbara Lee, garnered the support of 100 lawmakers.

"This vote should send a signal to the Administration," said McGovern in a statement after the vote.

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