07/02/2010 12:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Who Is Mark Kirk? Giannoulias Campaign Launches New Jeopardy-Style Website

Election season is heating up, and every campaign is looking for a way to get out its message and define its opponent.

In Illinois, Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias is going after Republican Mark Kirk in the form of a question, announcing the launch on Friday of the new site

The page is a homage to the TV game show "Jeopardy!" Various claims about Kirk are filed under five categories: Iraq & Afghanistan; Military Miscellany; Teaching; Health Insurance Reform; and National Security & Foreign Policy. The correct answer in every category, of course, is, "Who is Mark Kirk?"

The site is devoted to what Giannoulias campaign spokesman Matt McGrath calls "Mark Kirk's record of lies and embellishments." Many of these have been national news stories over the past month, including the following answers from the site:

"This person claimed to be 'the Navy's Intelligence Officer Of The Year,' even though the award didn't exist and he never won that award";

"This Republican narrated the following tall tale: 'The last time I was in Iraq, I was in uniform flying at 20,000 feet and the Iraqi air defense network was shooting at us.'"; and

"This Republican reminisced on the House floor about remembering nursery school children 'who bore scrutiny as people who might bring a gun to class.'"

But it also highlights less headline-grabbing aspects of the Illinois congressman's record, including his "scaremongering" opposition to health-care reform and his "tall tales" on Guantanamo detainees and African piracy.

It even features "Daily Doubles," where visitors can "double their fun" by signing up for the Giannoulias campaign mailing list.

The campaign told HuffPost Chicago that the site is part of a wider social and interactive media outreach, and that it is meant to provide an engaging and user-friendly guide to some of Kirk's more dubious claims.

Giannoulias, Kirk, and Green Party candidate LeAlan Jones will be on the ballot in November to fill President Obama's former Senate seat, now held by Roland Burris.