William S. Merwin Is Newest Poet Laureate: Merwin Poems, Prose, Audio And More From The Poetry Foundation

07/02/2010 11:22 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

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As we reported below, William Stanley Merwin has been named the 17th US poet laureate, succeeding Kay Ryan at the $35,000 a year post.

The news has been celebrated by publications around the country, with a few of the more prominent takes by Mike Melia at the PBS News Hour, Dwight Garner at the New York Times, and Phillip Kennicot at the Washington Post.

We have a plethora of material on and by Merwin here at the Poetry Foundation site, including, of course, a catalog of his poems. But what else? Here is a list of all things Merwin from our archive:

Merwin prose:

Merwin audio:

The Essential American Poets podcast

Merwin reading his poem "To My Legs"

Merwin reading his poem "To the Ancient Order of Legs"

Poetry Off the Shelf: Pass the Mash Potatoes

Poetry Off the Shelf: Poems of Pollution and Protest

A Merwin poem guide:

Merwin video:

The PBS NewsHour poetry series presents "Merwin's Passion for Poetry and the Natural World"

Merwin translations:

"Song of the Barren Orange Tree" by Federico Garcia Lorca

"The Interrupted Concert" by Federico Garcia Lorca

"You Have What I Look For" by Jaime Sabines


Read more at the Poetry Foundation website.

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