07/06/2010 02:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Colorado Division Of Gaming: Wildwood Casino's $11,000,000 Jackpot Really Worth $1,672.82

The Colorado Division of Gaming has once again ruled that a multi-million-dollar slot machine jackpot was actually caused by an error.

The Denver Channel reports:

The Colorado Division of Gaming has confirmed that a Colorado Springs woman who saw $11,000,600 on a slot machine in Cripple Creek June 1 only won $1,672.82.

The Division said in a statement it determined that the slot machine at Wildwood Casino at Cripple Creek functioned properly when Mary McMahon hit the winning combination. That made her eligible for the top progressive jackpot award of $1,627.82 that was displayed when she placed the maximum three credit wager on the machine.

The incident is the second time this year that the Division of Gaming ruled that a multi-million-dollar jackpot on a progressive gaming machine was actually worth significantly less than initially thought. In March, a Colorado woman thought she had won $42.9 million after hitting the jackpot on a slot machine at Fortune Valley Casino in Central City.

A state investigation later confirmed the casino's claim that the jackpot was actually worth just $20.18.