07/06/2010 05:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fourth Of July Picnic At American Embassy In Canada Celebrates 'The Diverse Cuisine Of Illinois' (PHOTOS)

Americans in Canada represented the Midwest this weekend, serving up Chicago favorites at the American embassy in Ottawa during their Independence Day celebration.

The Chicago Tribune's "The Stew" blog reports that attendees of the Sunday gathering were fed from a menu titled "The Diverse Cuisine of Illinois." Though, as The Stew points out, "one could argue it's more the diverse cuisine of Chicago..."

The menu, which you can check out here, was divided into five categories: "Mexican Influence," "Traditions of Poland," "Benvenuti in Italia," "Take me out to the Ball Game," and "Chicago Sweets."

Check out some of the menu items below, and let us know if you think they are classic Chicago dishes--or totally out of place.

'The Diverse Cuisine of Illinois'