John Hickenlooper Tells City Staffers To Brace For More Cuts

07/06/2010 06:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper sent a letter to city staff on Tuesday warning of "deeper cuts in the 2011 budget" after the latest revenue projections predict a $20 million-dollar growth in the city's deficit.

Slower-than-expected revenue growth from the lodger's tax, the highway user's tax, the occupational privelage tax and certain other fees, as well as the anticipated slowing of income tax revenues account for the increased shortfall.

This is the second letter the mayor has sent to staffers this year soliciting ideas for further budget cuts. The first letter was sent in April when the latest revenue projections called for $80 million in cuts.

The $100 million in cuts from the 2011 budget will come on top of $160 million axed from the 2010 budget.

READ Hickenlooper's letter:

Hickenlooper Letter Budget