Lisa Lampanelli Talks Glenn Beck, Lindsay's Craziness, And What Nicknames She'd Give Palin (VIDEO)

07/06/2010 04:03 pm ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012
  • Katla McGlynn Senior Comedy & Viral Editor, The Huffington Post

A couple weeks ago, we asked you, our readers, to submit their questions for Lisa Lampanelli, comedy's legendary "Queen Of Mean." Well, we took the best of the best and sent them over to Lisa to get the answers YOU want. She was delighted to share her feelings on topics such as Sarah Palin's ideal nickname, the kinds of jokes she finds offensive, and even what kind of feminine hygiene product Glenn Beck would be (Hint: It's EXACTLY what you think). Check out the video to see if Lisa answered any of your questions, and if you're hungering for more Lisa, check out her Web site for tickets to some big shows coming up in November and December.