Vandy Beth Glenn WINS: Georgia Transgender Woman Was Wrongfully Fired, Says Federal Judge

07/06/2010 06:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

ATLANTA (AP)-- A federal judge has ruled in favor of a former Georgia state legislative aide who claimed she was fired after telling her boss she would come to work dressed as woman as she transitioned from man to woman.

U.S. District Judge Richard W. Story ruled Friday that Vandy Beth Glenn's firing violated her constitutional rights under the Equal Protection Clause.

Glenn is a transgender woman formerly known as Glenn Morrison. She claimed that Legislative Counsel Sewell Brumby fired her from her job as a legislative editor because the gender transition would make her colleagues feel uncomfortable and would be seen as "immoral" by Georgia lawmakers.

Brumby told The Associated Press Tuesday he had no comment on the ruling.

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