07/08/2010 11:34 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Aaron Schock's Abs Still 'Abtastic', Representative Talks Becoming Gay Icon

Representative and HuffPost's "Hottest Freshman" Aaron Schock might be known more for his abs than for his politics. Okay, he's definitely known more for his abs than his politics. And even when he's clothed, like at the recent White House picnic, pictures of him "jam...up the gay staff listserv" on Capitol Hill, the New York Times reports.

So what does the man--who is being likened to Liza Minnelli and Lady Gaga in terms of gay icon status--have to say for himself?

"If they're in my district, I'll take votes wherever I can get them," Schock said. "Who knew I could get this much attention with my shirt on?"

Schock isn't gay (not that there's anything wrong with that). He IS reportedly single, for all of the ladies out there.

He also shared the story behind the TMZ-obtained photograph of him in a red bathing suit, revealing a six pack:

When he ran for the Peoria school board, his opponent got him kicked off the ballot on a technicality. Mr. Schock engineered a grass-roots write-in campaign and won by 1,942 votes. Bob Hall, the lawyer for his opponent, soon became one of his biggest supporters, and one day when Mr. Schock -- then the youngest state representative in Illinois -- was lounging by the pool at the River City Athletic Club, Mr. Hall's daughter popped up behind him in a bikini and asked for a photo.

"And so I looked at the photo and said, 'All right, if that ever gets out, I'm going to kill you guys,'" he said with a grin.

Oops! But also, yesssss.