07/08/2010 12:43 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ron Haynes, Single Father, Overcomes Rare Brain Cancer, Finds Love

Traveling home from a wedding with his young son in 2009, 29-year-old single father Ron Haynes suffered a seizure. He was rushed to the hospital -- and woke up four days later. Haynes was diagnosed with esthesioneuroblastoma, a rare and dangerous form of brain cancer.

At the time he was diagnosed, Haynes had been dating a young woman named Alison for a brief two months. When she found out about his struggles, Alison canceled her plans to move to Texas, and stuck by Haynes' side.

Thanks to the careful execution of a risky brain surgery, Haynes is now on the road to recovery -- and can enjoy his time with his five-year-old son Benjamin and his partner Alison, whom he recently married.

"I really got to see how special Alison is, she was there for me every minute she could be, and she really made everything better. I want to have a long and happy life with her." Haynes said.

ABC News profiles Dr. William Curry, the young surgeon who performed Haynes' operation.


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