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07/09/2010 08:57 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Barefoot Bandit' FBI Wanted Poster (PHOTO)

Colton Harris-Moore, aka the 'Barefoot Bandit,' has becoming something of an outlaw folk hero as he continues to allude authorities in what reports have referred to as a "catch-me-if-can crime spree." And now, in true outlaw fashion, he is the subject of an FBI wanted poster.

According to the FBI, Harris-Moore pulled his most audacious crime last weekend when he stole a plane from a small airport in Indiana which was later discovered crashed in shallow water in the Bahamas. The pilot of the plane, alas, was nowhere to be found. And to top it all off, authorities in the Bahamas believe Harris-Moore was behind a number of burglaries on Abaco Island. The island has since intensified its manhunt for alleged fugitive.

Check out the FBI poster below.

View the wanted poster:

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