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Nat Geo AMAZING: Clever Crows (VIDEO)

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Check out this cool clip from National Geographic, which shows the incredibly clever talents of crows to solve a myriad of complex problems. Some scientists claim these birds are as intelligent as the great apes, as they show a similar use of tools. HuffPost green has already noticed how smart these creatures are with this video.

New Caledonian crows use twigs to fish bugs out of holes, and in captivity they modify tools to solve complicated puzzles with the reward of food. Crows in Japan even wait high above traffic, dropping nuts into the road, waiting for a car to break it open. Once the snack is ready and waiting, the crows have learned the rules of the road, and wait until the traffic signal changes to walk in the street and pick up the treat.

Watch amazing stories likes this and others, when the new show Nat Geo AMAZING! premieres on Friday, July 9th at 7pm EST on the National Geographic Channel.

WATCH clever crows:

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