Support For Banning The Burqa: Pew Global Attitudes Survey (PHOTOS)

07/09/2010 11:19 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Most Western Europeans are in favor of prohibiting Islamic veils known as burqas, but there is little support for laws on face-covering scarves in the United States, a new poll has shown.

A survey by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, conducted April 7 to May 8, interviewed 24,790 people in 22 countries. In France -- where members of Parliament are expected to vote on a burqa-banning bill July 13 -- there is staggering support for the ban. By contrast, a mere 28 percent of those polled in the U.S. would endorse such laws.

The burqa has taken a beating across Europe in recent months, with Belgium hastily prepping its own laws against their use and Barcelona becoming the first large city in Spain to ban them in public places.

See the results of the survey here:

Countries That Back Forbidding The Burqa