Bill Brady Ad: DGA Attacks Brady's Positions On Women's Issues (VIDEO)

07/13/2010 11:41 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Democratic Governors Association is going on the offensive in the Illinois governor's race, releasing a scathing 30-second ad that highlights Bill Brady's controversial stance on several issues affecting women.

The ad, titled "Daughters," describes Republican gubernatorial candidate Brady as a politician "who's made a career voting against working women." It mentions his opposition to family medical and maternity leave; to expanded mammogram coverage; and to abortion, even in the case of rape or incest.

(Scroll down to watch the commercial.)

A Democratic strategist told POLITICO that the ad was being bought at "saturation levels" in the Chicago area, in order to expose Brady's record to Chicagoland voters:

"The truth is voters - especially women - don't know where he stands or who he is," the strategist said. "In particular, they don't know how radical and outside the mainstream his views are and the effect they would have on the future of Illinois."

Brady is a state senator from downstate Bloomington, Illinois. He has acknowledged that Chicago and the collar counties that surround it will be a critical market to break into, as the area holds the majority of the state's population.

His opponent, Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn, is hoping to drive up support from his base in the city by painting Brady as an extreme right-wing candidate.

The spot comes as Quinn, who has struggled throughout the race with low approval ratings and poor poll numbers, pulled within three percentage points of Brady in the most recent survey of the race, his closest total to date.

It can also be seen on the DGA's new website,

Watch the new 30-second spot, "Daughters":