07/13/2010 01:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kelly Bensimon In Harper's Bazaar: I'm Not Crazy, Not In Therapy (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon gets a spread in Harper's Bazaar wearing boxing gloves and flaunting her abs and legs (scroll down for photo). In the interview, she starts to explain her bizarre behavior on the show in St. John, which she has previously denied was a nervous breakdown. Watch a clip below, see what she has to say and decide for yourself.

On the alleged breakdown:
"I'm embarrassed that I allowed myself to feed into it, but I don't think I would handle it differently. The ratings were amazing, so no, absolutely not... I don't have any regrets. I'm glad I went on 'Housewives' because the show has made me more known."

On her mental state:
"I am not crazy. I am unpredictable. I'm not in therapy."

On her costars:
"Whether it's my nail color, my hair color, or the shoes I'm wearing, everything about me bothers them. They want to go to the parties I go to, they want to hang out with me, they want to do the things that I'm doing."

On her March 2010 Playboy cover:
"With Playboy, I think I superseded Housewives. It was huge."

On moving forward:
"I'm 42, and I have this new life. Yes, I'm more mass market. And that's okay. It's my job....I've worked so hard. It wasn't always lollipops and unicorns. I tell my girls, 'Your mom gets paid to engage in inappropriate behavior.' It's an amazing opportunity for them to see that being mean is not okay. I tell them, 'If you're in a situation like this, walk out. Don't come back with jelly beans.'"

WATCH a montage of Kelly's breakdown: