07/13/2010 01:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Louis C.K. On Joy Behar: I Just Had A Vasectomy (VIDEO)

If you've seen Louis C.K.'s standup or his new show (you're watching, right?), you know the guy doesn't hold back. So it's not necessarily shocking that he used his appearance on Joy Behar's show to talk about the vasectomy he had just hours earlier. And like anything the comic does, it was ridiculously funny.

Despite claiming "there was a sale and [he] couldn't resist," Behar wouldn't let it go. Pointing out that he's no longer married, Behar asked why he did it.: "I just did it for me...I don't like my sperm. I'm tired of it."

The conversation - again, not surprisingly - then shifted toward C.K.'s "ugly" penis, which he described as being "like an old man's nose." Have we told you he's the funniest?