07/14/2010 05:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Diane Sawyer Behind The Scenes In The Gulf (VIDEO)

It's 5:21 AM, and "World News" anchor Diane Sawyer sits in a van with her production team, rubbing the bridge of her nose. She has just heard that even under the best of circumstances — if the new cap succeeds in blocking the flow of oil — the Gulf spill will continue to wreak havoc for even longer than she had imagined.

"Even if it stopped now, 90 days more of oil, at least, coming ashore," said "World News" senior producer Michael Corn.

"And even if the best happened," Sawyer said, "and it stopped today, how much of the sea life, the marine life, would be polluted next season?"

It is probing questions like these that drive Sawyer's coverage of the Gulf spill, as seen in a short behind-the-scenes feature called "The Conversation."

The segment offers a glimpse into Sawyer's on-the-ground reporting, and shows her meeting with a Vietnamese-American fisherman with 6 children whose job has been jeopardized.