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Jillian Lauren, Former Stripper, Talks About Being In Prince Of Brunei's Harem (VIDEO)

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Jillian Lauren, an NYU-dropout from New Jersey, has written a book about her time in the Prince of Brunei's harem. Lauren's memoir "Some Girls: My Life in a Harem" chronicles the year and a half she spent as a sexual partner for Prince Jefri (pictured below), a man known as the "Playboy Prince."

At the age of 18, Lauren was offered $20,000 to entertain businessmen in Singapore, but the young woman, who was stripping and escorting to make a living, was eventually told she'd be going to Brunei.

Prince Jefri is the Sultan of Brunei's younger brother and a leader of an incredibly opulent lifestyle filled with luxury planes, yachts and gold-plated toilet roll holders.

Jillian, now back in the U.S., is working on her first novel and has adopted a son. She says she's not ashamed about her past, but saddened by it.



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