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Melissa Etheridge's Ex: Sick, Broke, Writing Poetry

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Tammy Lynn Michaels, who was left blindsided and broke when Melissa Etheridge filed for divorce, has taken to her blog once again to discuss her heartbreak and financial woes in free verse.

Melissa's lawyer claims that the singer is paying her ex's bills, but Tammy's latest poem tells a story of insolvency, medical trauma and impending homelessness:

ulcers to gallbladder to pancreas to liver and then...?

a dillar
a dollar
a trick or treat
need some help
need some honesty
need some real
call 'er
no answer

gotta get it done
on pennies now?
somethings going on

gotta get a job
with barf bag in hand?
and leave my twins with who?
and with what babysitting money?

a dillar
a dollar
a trick or treat

this too shall pass
cuz i believe in miracles
miracles look like rainbows.

oh. and we have to be out of our rental in 45 days.
man, i love a challenge.

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