Lourdes Leon, Madonna's Daughter, Continues To Fashion Blog, Use Random British Slang

07/15/2010 12:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon is still blogging in advance of her Material Girl clothing line launch and this time it's about Shrek 4, vintage clothes and non-gladiator sandals. First of all, she really liked Shrek 4, remarking, "the donkey is just soooo friggin legendary haaaaaaa." Re: vintage clothes--Lourdes says you can never have enough:

Im going to East London in the next days, to this area called Bricklane, to get some more vintage - cuz you can never have to much vintagy-thrifty looking stuff. And also in the Material Girl collection, there's gonna be a whole area of like one of a kind vintage things! HOLLA.

She also writes:

So I FINA-FREAKING-LY found the sandals that are NOT gladiators. They are black leather and they lace up from the toe until the ankle:) I will show you a pic.Giddy God.

Finally, she reveals that she's super-into the Dirty Dancing soundtrack right now, and uses the term "BLINGING INNIT MATE." Kids, these days!