Christy Turlington: 'There's Nothing Rewarding About Modeling'

07/16/2010 08:23 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Christy Turlington recently spoke to the Telegraph UK about her new projects--humanitarian aid and documentary-making--which got her talking about her old project: super-modeling. She confessed, "There's nothing rewarding about modeling. It was a fun opportunity that allowed me to see the world but spiritually and intellectually there is nothing rewarding about the profession at all."

She also admitted that she hated walking the runway: "I just remember thinking: 'How fast can I get to the end and back again?'"

But Turlington did recount some exciting moments, like a shoot with Herb Ritts during which she was literally hanging off of the Eiffel Tower. She said:

"That wasn't your usual day at the office. It was terrifying and in the end you couldn't really tell how high I was because the photographer was scared of heights so he was quite far away from me. It only happened rarely, but sometimes you did feel that you were contributing to a piece of art."

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