D.L. Hughley Talks Lebron James, Mel Gibson's Rants, & Glenn Beck University (VIDEO)

07/16/2010 05:33 pm ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

A couple weeks ago, we asked you, our readers, to submit your questions for D.L. Hughley, lovable stand-up comic, political pundit, and one of the four "Original Kings Of Comedy." Well, we took the best of the best and sent them over to D.L. to get the answers YOU want. Caroline's On Broadway was nice enough to get us an exclusive interview with D.L. after his radio show on Kiss FM, where he shared his feelings on Mel Gibson's rants, how he'd get Alvin Greene elected, and whether or not he'd go out with the loveless Ann Coulter. Check out the video to see if D.L. answered any of your questions, and for more, you can catch him at Caroline's tonight through Sunday, July 18th.


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