07/16/2010 05:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Keith Olbermann/Tucker Carlson Feud Heats Up: Carlson Calls Olbermann "Sad," "Despised"

The war of words between Keith Olbermann and Tucker Carlson just keeps heating up.

After Carlson's Daily Caller site bought the rights to the domain name Wednesday, Olbermann struck back, tweeting that he thinks the move is illegal, and pointing out that Carlson himself won back the rights to in 2008, after someone else purchased that domain name.

Carlson doesn't seem too troubled, though. In an interview with Mediaite Thursday, he kept the Olbermann attacks coming:

I've heard a lot from MSNBC, from friends of mine who work there who despise Keith...he's obviously a sad guy, in elastic-band jeans...

A lot of people there...really hate Keith Olbermann because he's cruel to people who work for him. A lot of those people have emailed me with joy, jubilation in their voices, in their email. Letters of congratulations, just thank you for doing this finally...

He's despised at MSNBC...I'm not saying every person at MSNBC despises him but I would say he's the most disliked person in the building by a factor of 10, and I would dare anybody who's worked there to look me right in the eye and deny that...

Meanwhile, the Daily Caller announced that it will be giving out "" email addresses. (Carlson has assumed control of "")

In response, Olbermann talked to TVNewser, telling the site, "Tucker's 15 minutes of borrowing my 'fame' ended last night."