07/16/2010 12:43 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tracy Morgan As Nelson Mandela: The Lost 'Invictus' Audition Tape (VIDEO)

It's been in the back our minds for months, but we finally have proof that "Invictus" would've been a much better film had Tracy Morgan played Nelson Mandela.

Why this was shown at the ESPY awards this week, we don't really know. Sure "Invictus" has something to do with rugby, but we wouldn't necessarily label is a sports movie. It's not like Kevin Costner was in it. Please, that guy was busy teaming up with Bill Nye to save the world.

Anyway, here's our star auditioning for Morgan Freeman's role. It's a bit of shock that he wasn't cast with lines like "one time the housing authority tried to invict me..because I was making homemade jheri curl juice in my bathtub." See? Much better movie. (via Vulture)