07/19/2010 08:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Benziger Family Winery: Making Wine The Green Way (VIDEO)

Take a trip to the Benziger Family Winery, a biodynamic vineyard , in this video from KVIE.

Mike Benziger, born and raised in New York, headed out west to California when he graduated college. It was there that he fell in love with a huge piece of property, started up his own winery, and convinced the whole family to leave the east coast behind. 30 years later, the Benziger family still owns and operates the business, now paving the way for sustainable and environmentally-friendly wine makers.

There came a point when the family realized something needed to be done to revive the declining property, so 14 members of the family took a trip to Europe to learn the art of biodynamic farming. Benziger calls the methods they use "one of the most advanced forms of organic farming," using plants and animals -- instead of chemicals and fertilizers -- to create a complete self-sustaining ecosystem. Benziger was the first vineyard in the Napa area to earn the strict certification for biodynamic practices.

Colby Eierman, the winery's Director of Gardens, says, "It's interesting to even think about the concept of wine going green -- it's a natural agricultural product. It's kind of amazing for me to think that we ever tried to go against that."

WATCH growing wine the biodynamic way: